CAFEZAM, is a family company with more than 30 years in the coffee business, guaranteed:

– The quality of the product offered.

– Fulfillment of shipping.

– Payment of the agreed commission.

– Ongoing advisory to carry out a satisfactory labor for the client.



Cortesía de

The price for Colombian Coffee is composed of 2 factors: the price of coffee on the platform ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), plus the premium for Colombian coffee, which is known as the differential, this differential varies daily according to circunstances in the market, we as exporters have the option to fix the price on the ICE when we consider it appropriate, which is why customers usually have a futures account in order to perform this operation

In CAFEZAM, we have coffee available throughout the year. This is because we have strategic partnerships with the most important coffee producers in each region of Colombia. 


Payment of Colombian coffee is C.A.D. (Cash Against Documents) or payment against delivery of documents.

The minimum quantity that CAFEZAM ships is 200 bags, 70Kg. We can send pre-shipment samples for approval.

If you require a smaller amount than 200 bags per container, please contact us to evaluate the possibilities 

All Colombian coffee exporters/importers must be recorded in the archives of the FNC

  1. Green Coffee Contract: for cargo destined for the United States, Canada and Mexico. 
  2. European Contract for Coffee: the contract for loads to Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania

According to the destination that the customer wants, is verified with the shipping company that there is availability of the service.


If you know the conditions for our coffee, please fill out the form. Remarks

  1. Samples: If you need samples of coffee to determine the quality of our product and its physical specificationsPlease mark “Yes” in the section located on the form.
  2. Questions: in the event of doubt, please go to the following link of FAQ’s.
  3. Registration to FNC: For the registration process with the FNC as a buyer, please contact us to send you instructions. E-mail: 



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